General Workflow Procedures - Trust Account


This article will walk you through your monthly procedures as a TrustBooks Tier 3 User.


  1. Create a Client for all new Clients with transactions for the month using the Create Client screen:

Creating New Clients and Matters

  1. Input all Deposits for the current month using the Enter Deposit screen:

Enter Deposits

  1. Input all Payments for the current month using the Process Withdrawal screen:

Process Payments

  1. Upload your Bank Statement to our Team using the Secure File Upload screen. Be sure to name the file as the month that corresponds to the bank statement:

Secure File Upload

  1. Our team will take it from here and complete your monthly reconciliations! If you have missing data, we will email you the specific missing transactions on the bank statement that you need to add to TrustBooks.
  • If you are missing Deposits you will input them using the Enter Deposits screen:

Enter Deposits

  • If you are missing Checks or Withdrawals, you will input them using the Process Payment screen:

Process Payments

  1. Once the reconciliation is complete, you can review it on the View Reconciliations screen:

Reviewing your Reconciliation