Entering Deposits


This tutorial will walk you through the steps to Enter a Deposit in TrustBooks.

This feature will allow you to enter a Deposit into your Trust Account (Green) and your Operating Account (Blue)


  1. From the Navigation Pane select Enter Deposit under the Deposits section:

  1. The ENTER DEPOSIT page will display. Select what account you want to enter in a deposit for from the drop down:
Trust Account Deposit Slip will be Green
Operating Account Deposit Slip will be Blue
  1. Enter the Date of your deposit:

  1. Click on the Select Client to choose your client from the drop-down list. This is required:

For the Operating Account you will select the Type of deposit from the Chart of Accounts:

For Operating Account Deposits the client and matter are not required but can be used
  1. Type a description of the deposit into the Memo field:

  1. Click on the Type field to choose the type of payment being deposited:

7. Type a number into the Trans # field. This is typically the check number:

  1. Type in the amount of the deposit into the Amount field:

  1. If there are multiple items on this deposit slip then click on Add Transactions to Deposit.  Skip to step 10 if you only have one item on the deposit:
Each TrustBooks Deposit slip can process up to about 50 transactions on a single deposit. Adding more than that can cause the application to time out. You will need to split up these deposits in order to record them.

Continue adding transactions to the deposit until the Total matches what you deposited at the bank. This makes the TrustBook deposit agree to the Bank Statement deposit when completing a reconciliation:

  1. Save all changes by choosing one of the two SAVE buttons at the bottom of the page:

Option 1: Record Deposit – Your deposit will be recorded, and you will be redirected to the Dashboard page.

Option 2: Record & Enter Next Deposit – Your deposit will be recorded, and you will be directed tothe Deposit Slip page to enter another deposit slip.