Printing Checks


This tutorial will walk you through the steps to print checks in TrustBooks. 

Note: This tutorial assumes you have already processed a payment and selected the print check box. You can reference these steps through this link:

Processing Payments - TrustBooks Knowledge Base


1. From the Navigation Panel select PAYMENTS and Print Checks

  1. The Print Checks windows is displayed. Select the checks you want to print by selecting the check boxes to the left of the check.
You can select all checks to print by selecting the top check box and it will select all checks in the print check window. 
  1. Click the Print Selected button.

  1. The Set Printing Options will then pop up. Enter the starting check number you want for your check. If you have already printed a check it will default to the next number in the sequence. You can also adjust this number by typing directly into the box. 

TrustBooks supports Intuit QuickBooks compatible laser voucher check stock with a single check per page at the top of the page.

  1. Select Print.