Creating Payee Prefill Rules

Overview: This article will walk you through the steps on how to create Payee Prefill Rules when importing in your Operating Payments from your bank. Once the rule is created the software will atomically assign the specific Chart of Account and Payee that you designated in the rule. You can then import the transactions into TrustBooks. Here are the steps How to Import Operating Banking Payments

Step 1. On the Dashboard Page select MISCELLANEOUS and Manage Firm Accounting

Step 2. On the Manage Firm Accounting page select Create Payee Prefill Rule. 

Step 3. Create Rule Name and Rule Type. 

Step 4. Fill out the parameters of the rule. WhenThen, and Prefill COA With (chart of accounts). 

Step 5. Select  Save. 

Step 6. Confirm the rule has been set. On the Dashboard page select PAYMENTS and Import Banking Payments. The Payee and Chart of Accounts have been automatically assigned based of the rule you entered. You can now import the banking payments. Here are the steps How to Import Operating Banking Payments