My Client has Funds but I am Receiving an Error When Processing a Payment

Overview: This article will walk you through common reasons for why you would receive an error when making a payment on behalf a client who has available funds. The product is designed to keep a client's balance from going into the negative. You receive an error if this occurs. The two most common errors that happen are based around an incorrect entry amount and a date issue. If the deposit date is before the payment date this will cause the payment to not be made because even though the client has funds the funds may not have been deposited prior to the payment and are not available at the date of the payment. 

When processing a payment and the client has an available balance but you receive this error. 

Step 1. Confirm the amount you entered is not more than the balance.  

Step 2. Select Clients & Matters, and View Clients & Matters List. Open the Client ledger and confirm the date of the deposit is not after the date of the payment. The client funds are only available on or after the deposit date. 

Step 3. Select the client's name from the matters listed. 

Step 4. Confirm the deposit date is correct. The balance of a client becomes available on the date the deposit is entered. A payment date will not be allowed in the product if it before the funds come available. You will receive the error.  If it is incorrect edit the deposit to reflect the correct date.

Note: Here are the steps to edit a deposit How to edit a deposit

Step 5. Once the date issue has been fixed you will now be able to process the payment.