Balance Sheet


This tutorial will walk you through generating a balance sheet in TrustBooks for the Operating Account.

Note access to operating accounting reports is limited to users with a Tier 2 subscription or higher.

Upgrade your account to Tier 2


  1. From the Navigation Pane select Build Operating Reports from the Reports drop-down:

  1. Select Balance Sheet from the list of Reports:

  1. The Balance Sheet for the Current Year to date will be displayed. The Balance sheet will always reflect balances as of the End Date selected:

  1. To update the balance sheet to reflect a different period, select a period from the Report Period filter or manually select dates for the Start and End Date filters, then select Apply:

  1. You can Print the generated balance sheet to pdf or Export to excel by selecting the respective icons in the top-right of the Balance Sheet:

Note that there is also a filter to hide accounts with a balance of $0:

And a filter to display Trust Account balances as an asset and liability on the Balance Sheet if you desire: