How to Record Interest

Overview: This will walk you through the steps on how to properly record interest in TrustBooks. 

Step 1. Create a Client called Iolta Interest

Start on the Dashboard page and select CLIENTS & MATTERS and Create Client

Step 2. Enter In Iolta Interest in Client Name and Matter Name and select SAVE. 

Step 3. When interest is deposited into your bank account. Enter that as a deposit with the Client as IOLTA Interest

You can do this by starting on the Dashboard page, selecting Deposits and Enter Deposit. 

Step 4. Select IOLTA Interest as the matter, enter the memo, select the type, the amount and the date. Then select record deposit. 

Step 6. When the interest comes out of your bank account you will process this as a payment from the Client IOLTA Interest. Start on the Dashboard page select Payments and Process Payments. 

Step 7. Select IOLTA Interest as the Client, fill in the date, amount, the payee and description. Then select Save.