Accessing the Trust or Operating Account Ledger


This tutorial will walk you through accessing the Account Ledger for the Trust Account and Operating Account.


  1. You can access the ledger of the account you want to view by clicking on the name of the bank account or the balance in blue on the Dashboard

  1. This will open the Bank Account Ledger. This gives you an overall view of the activity within the bank account, starting with the most recent transactions.

  1. You can also export or print a .pdf version of a bank account ledger through the build customer reports feature. From the Navigation Pane, select REPORTS and Build Trust or Operating Reports.

  1. Here you can apply any of the desired filters available. If you don’t choose any filters, all transaction data for the selected Bank Account will be displayed. 

For an article on building custom reports within TrustBooks, visit the following link:

Running Custom Reports - TrustBooks Knowledge Base