Printing a List of All Active Matters


This tutorial will walk you through the steps to print a list of all active matters in TrustBooks.


1. Start on the Dashboard Page, select CLIENTS & MATTERS

2. On the CLIENTS & MATTERS drop-down menu, click the View Clients and Matters list.

 3. Select the Print All Clients & Matters Ledgers from the drop down, select the "as of" date, and select Run Reports 

Note: To print specific matter ledgers select Print Selected Clients and Matters Ledgers. Check the box next to the matters that you wish to print. 

4.  A PDF window will appear.

Note: Depending on your Internet browser settings the PDF may just download within the existing window versus opening in another window.

5. Print your PDF to your printer.

Note: The step to print a PDF from your PDF reader software will differ based on the software being used.