Printing a List of All Active Matters


This tutorial will walk you through the steps to print a list of all active matters in TrustBooks.


  1. From the Navigation Pane, select View Clients and Matters List under the CLIENTS & MATTERS drop-down. 

  1. Select the Print All Clients & Matters Ledgers from the drop down, select the "as of" Date, and select Run Reports.

To print specific matter ledgers select Print Selected Clients and Matters Ledgers. Check the box next to the matters that you wish to print. 

  1. The Downloads box will pop-up on your screen showing the report as a pdf. Click Open File on the pdf to view it.
If you encounter a time-out, turn off your pop-up blockers so that your report can generate.

The pdf of the Clients and Matters Ledgers report will open in a new window:

Depending on your Internet browser settings the PDF may just download within the existing window versus opening in another window.
  1. Print your PDF to your printer. This step to print could vary depending on the printing software being used.