Edit User Permissions & Roles


This tutorial will walk you through how to assign Roles and Permissions to specific users in TrustBooks. 

There are 4 Roles Types with different levels of permissions.

Administrator- This role has access to all items in TrustBooks

User- This role has access to everything except Creating and Controlling Integrations and Managing Billing 

View Only - This role only can view items and not make any changes. The viewable items include, View Matter, View Transaction, View Payee, View Reports, View Reconciliation Reports, and View Quarterly Review. 

Custom- This role allows you to select the items you want the user to have permissions for. 


1. On the Dashboard page select MISCELLANEOUS on the left side and Manage Firm Settings.

2. Select Manage Users

3.Find the user who you would like to assign a specific role to and select EDIT next to their name.  

4. Select the Role Type under the drop-down menu. 

5. Once you have selected the role type you want select UPDATE USER.