How to Turn the Onboarding Section Back On


This tutorial will walk you through how to turn your Onboarding section back on after you have completed onboarding. 

The Onboarding Section will disappear after you have onboarded your account with TrustBooks. If you have made an error in TrustBooks during your Onboarding this feature allows you to Enable the Onboarding Section and fix the error. Once you have completed the corrections you can disable this feature.

Note: Be careful with this setting. If you have set an onboarding date and performed reconciliations afterwards. Changing this date could invalidate your reconciliations. 


1. Start on the Dashboard Page and select MISCELLANEOUS

2. Select Manage Firm Settings and then Manage Optional Features.

3. Select ENABLE next to Show Onboarding section in account. 

4. Select SAVE & CLOSE.  

Note: Once Onboarding section has been enabled you will have access to the Blue Onboarding section on your Dashboard Page.