Manually Enter Credit Card Transactions

Overview: This article will walk you through the steps of manually entering in credit card activity for your Operating Bank Account. It will allow you to break the payments down by chart of accounts and associate it with a client.  

Note: You must have a Credit Card Payable in your chart of accounts. To create this, you can use these steps:

Step 1. Start on the Dashboard Page, select  Payments and Enter Credit Card ActivityStep 2. This will open up the Enter Credit Card Activity page. Select the Credit Card Account from the down list. This will only list your Liability accounts. 

Step 3. Select the  Payee and enter the Date

Step 4. Select the Chart of Account, enter in the DescriptionNumber, and Amount. 

Note: The client and matter field are optional. 

Note: You can break down the credit card payment and add more activity by selecting the Add Credit Card Activity. 

Step 5. If entering in another amount complete the same steps. The subtotal will equal the amount of both of the activities, but the individual activity will be broken down on your Profit and Loss Statement. 

Step 6. Select  Save to complete the activities or Save and Enter Next to enter more activities.