Recording a Returned Deposited Check

Overview: This article will walk you through the steps of how to handle a returned deposited check (non-sufficient funds on a deposited check). 

Scenario: Your firm receives a check, deposits the check, and then a few days later the check is bounced, NSF, or stop payment and the bank withdraws the deposited funds from the bank account. 

If the returned check is a check that you issued/sent, then you can show this as a voided check. Here's how you void a check: How to void a payment

Note: We recommend you wait until the funds are fully available in your bank account before making any disbursements against those funds and to follow the activity exactly as it happens at the bank when recording in TrustBooks.


  1. Locate the Client associated with the returned check. In the top right hand corner type in the client name in the search box and hit enter:

  1. Select the name of the client from the search on the View Clients and Matter List Page that appears:

  1. On the Trust Ledger for the Client select Process Withdrawal:

  1. Fill out the Process Withdrawal page with the Amount, Memo, select the Payee and Purpose/Description:

  1. Select Save Withdrawal: