Import a Matter List

Overview: This will walk you through the steps on how to import a matter list from an excel spreadsheet. 

Step 1: On the Dashboard Page select MISCELLANEOUS and Import Data.

This will open up the Start Import Data Steps Page

Step 2: Select Import Client & Matter List.

Step 3: Select the Trust Account you want to import the Client & Matter List to:

Step 4: Choose the file to import and select Next:

Step 5: On the Map Data Page- Match the Matter Name to the corresponding fields from your spreadsheet, Match the Client Name and Matter Number as well. Then select Next

Step 6: Confirm the data is correct and select the check box next to the items you want to import in. Then select Import Data 

Note: you will see a processing screen. Congrats you have imported your data!  

Note: You can confirm the clients were imported under View Client & Matters List