Import a Payee List

Overview: This will give you the steps to import a payee list from Excel into TrustBooks. 

Step 1. Start on the Dashboard Page select Miscellaneous and Import Data.

Step 2. This will open the Start Import Data Steps Page. Select Import Payee List from the drop down and choose the file you want to import. Then select NEXT

Step 3. This will open the Map Data Page. Match the columns from the spreadsheet that you imported with the corresponding fields in TrustBooks and select NEXT

Step 4. This will open the CONFIRMATION page. Review and select the date that you want to import by selecting the check box next to payees you want to import into TrustBooks. 

Note: Once you import the data you will not be able to undo the import. 

Step 5. Select  IMPORT DATA

Step 6. Congratulations you have imported your Payee List. 

Step 7. You can confirm your Payee list has been imported by going to Payments and Payee List. You will now see the Payees you have imported into TrustBooks