Editing a Deposit


This tutorial will walk you through the steps to edit a deposit in TrustBooks.

Note: You cannot edit the amount of a reconciled deposit. If you need to edit the amount of a reconciled deposit, you must first delete the reconciliation. You can find an article for deleting reconciliations at the following link:

Deleting a Reconciliation - TrustBooks Knowledge Base


  1. From the Navigation Pane expand the Clients & Matters drop-down menu to select View Clients & Matters List. This will display all active clients and matters.

  1. Click the Client's Name containing the matter with the deposit you wish to edit. This will display the Client Information page.

  1. Select the deposit you wish to edit on the Client Ledger. This will open the Enter Deposit page for the selected deposit.

  1. From here you can edit the deposit. You can make changes to any of the deposit fields. To save your changes, select Update Deposit:

If a Deposit has already been reconciled, the Amount field cannot be edited and will be greyed-out:

Furthermore, if you edit a reconciled deposit, you will receive a pop-up requiring you to confirm the changes: