Recording the Transfer of Earned Fees to Your Operating Account

Overview: This article will walk through the steps of how to transfer earned fees from your Trust Account to your Operating Account. 


  1. From the Navigation Pane select Transfer Earned Fees under the Deposits drop-down menu:

  1. The Transfer Earned Fees page will display. Select the Date you want to transfer the funds:

  1. Select the Trust Account you want to transfer funds from:

  1. Select the Client and Matter the funds will be transferred from:
The Current Balance will show for the selected client automatically.
  1. Add the Amount and fill in the Description:

If needed, you can add multiple transactions to the transfer by selecting Add More:

  1. Select the Operating Account you want to transfer the funds to under the Transfer to Drop Down: 

  1. Select the Chart of Accounts you want for this transfer of funds:

  1. Select Save Transfer. If you would like to make more transfers for earned fees simply select Save & Create New Transfer:

  1. You can confirm your transfer has been properly updated in TrustBooks by completing the following steps: 

a. On the Dashboard page, go to Clients & Matters and View Clients & Matters List:

b. Find the Client you moved the funds from (you can use the search bar at the top right) and click on the Client.

c. Inside of the Client information you will see the Trust Ledger Tab in at the bottom. This will confirm the transfer from your Trust Account:

d. You can confirm the transfer in your Operating account by selecting the Operating Account Ledger. This will confirm the transfer happened to your Operating account for this Matter: