Re-printing a Check


This tutorial will walk you through the steps to re-print a checkfrom your Custom Reports view in TrustBooks.

Note: This tutorial assumes you have already printed the check and only need to re-print them. For more information on printing checks please see the support document below.


1. Start on the Dashboard Page.

2. Under the Reports section, click Build Custom Reports.

3. Select the check you want to re-print.

4. If ever the check isn't part of the reconciliation yet, payment page will be displayed and just click on the Print Check checkbox.

If the check is already part of a reconciliation, you must enter your password in order to re-print a check.

and then click on the Print Check checkbox.

5. Click the Update button.

6. Then proceed to the Dashboard and under the Payments section, click Print Checks link.

7. You can notice that the check you want to re-print is back on the list. Select the check.