Step Two: Onboarding an existing Trust Account


This tutorial will walk you through the steps to onboard an existing Trust Account inTrustBooks.

Step 1. Start on the Dashboard page.

Step 2. Under the Onboarding Existing Trust Accounts section, click the Enter Uncleared Transactions link.

Step 3. Choose the trust account you want to use.

Note: Usually it is in default if you have a single Trust Account.

The Enter Uncleared Transactions page will be displayed.

Step 4. Enter all uncleared deposits as of (selected date). If you have no uncleared deposits as of (selected date) skip to Step 5.

In case you have more than one (1) uncleared deposits, all you have to do is click the Add More Uncleared Deposits button to add another row.

Step 5. Enter all uncleared payments as of  (selected date). If you have no uncleared payments as of  (selected date), click the 'Save' button.

In case you have more than one (1) uncleared payments, all you have to do is click the Add More Uncleared Payments button to add another row.

Note: If you have a client that has zero (0) balance in his Trust Account but still has an uncleared payment/deposit, go back to Step One and add the client and enter zero (0) in its Starting Balance. So you can enter the uncleared deposit/payment from that client.

Step 6. To finish Step Two on Onboarding, click the Save button.