Ignoring Synchronized Clio Matters


This tutorial will walk you through the steps to ignore Clio matters so they do not synchronize into TrustBooks. You would do this if you have have matters in Clio that you do no want to import into TrustBooks.


1. Start on the Dashboard Page.

2. Click the Import Clio Matters link under the Matters section.

Note: TrustBooks synchronizes all Clio transactions once an hour. If you do not see any matters please check back in one hour.

3. Select the box next to the matters you want to ignore.

Note: By default the "Import Clio Matters" screen only shows open matters. To also see closed matters click on the "Show Closed Matters" button.

4. Click the "Ignore Selected Matters" button.  

You will see a message that says "Matters ignored!".