Synchronizing TrustBooks with LawPay


This tutorial will walk you through the steps to synchronize TrustBooks with LawPay. This will allow you to import credit card transactions from LawPay.


1. Start on the Dashboard Page.

2. Click the Sync With LawPay link under the Payments and Deposits section.

3. At the LawPay login screen, type in your LawPay email address and password.

Note: Be sure to use your LawPay username and password here. Not your TrustBooks username and password.

4. Click the SIGN IN button.

5. You will need to validate your LayPaw credentials. You will need to complete this process within 20 minutes of requesting the code.Check the email account used for LawPay. Type in the security code you received in your email and click the Confirm my browser button.

Note: If you miss your 20 minute window or do not get the email then you can request a new code with the Send me another code button.

6. On the TrustBooks Dashboard you will now have a link to Import LawPay Transactions.

Note: If you click the Import LawPay Transactions link immediately after setting up synchronization you will see the screen below. TrustBooks synchronizes all LawPay transactions once an hour. Once the synchronization has completed all your posted LawPay credit card transactions will appear here. Only posted transactions will appear. TrustBooks does not import pending transactions.

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