Archiving Matters


This tutorial will walk you through the steps to archive matters from your matter list view in TrustBooks.


1. Start on the Dashboard Page, select Matters.

2. On the Matters drop-down menu, click the View Matter List.

All active matters are displayed in Matter List page.

3. Click the Archive link for the matter you wish to archive.

A pop-up warning window is displayed.

4. Click OK to confirm archiving the matter.

Note: You can only archive matters with a zero balance. If you try to archive a matter with a balance you will get an error.

Note: To Archive multiple matters follow these steps. 

Step 1: On the Dashboard Page select Matters and View Matter List 

Step 2: Select the check box next to the matters you want to archive on the left

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom and select ARCHIVE SELCTED MATTERS 

Step 4: Select OK to the pop window that asks if you are sure you want to Archive selected matters. 

Once you select Ok the matters will be Archived.