Adding a Deposit or Payment to a Reconciled Period 2


This tutorial will walk you through the steps to add a deposit or payment to a reconciled period in TrustBooks.


TrustBooks does not allow users to enter a deposit or payment to a period that has already been reconciled. We do this to maintain the integrity of the reconciliation that has already been performed. If you want to add a transaction either a deposit or a payment to a period that has already been reconciled, the steps are, you must first go and delete the reconciliation and you can enter the deposit or the payment and re-perform the reconciliation.

Here are tips that we recommend on what to do before you delete a reconciliation.

1. Go into your View Reconciliations Page, under the RECONCILIATIONS menu.

2. Click on the Detailed Reconciliation Report for the reconciliation you will eventually delete and click on it to open.

The report is being generated. A message is at the bottom:

The detailed reconciliation report will show up as a download. 

Detailed Reconciliation Report will be displayed.

Saving this report will allow you to quickly reference and make it faster to do the reconciliation again. 

1. You can now delete the reconciliation.
For steps on how to delete a reconciliation, click here Deleting a Reconciliation.

2. Then you can enter the missing deposit or payment. 
For steps on entering a deposit, click here
For steps on processing a payment, click here

3. And then, re-perform the bank reconciliation for the period you deleted.

For steps on performing a reconciliation, click here