Entering Deposits


This tutorial will walk you through the steps to enter a deposit in TrustBooks.


1. Start on the Dashboard Page.

2. Click the Enter Deposit link under the Payments and Deposits section.

The Deposit Slip page is displayed.

3. Enter the date on your deposit.

4.Click on the Select Matter to choose your matter from the drop down list.

5. Type a description of the deposit into the Memo field.

6. Click on the Check field to choose the type of funds being deposited.

7. Type a transcation number or check number into the Trans# field.

8. Type in the amount of the deposit into the Amount field.

9 If there are multiple checks on this deposit slip then click on More Deposit Fields. If there is only one check on this deposit slip then skip to step 10.

Note: Continue adding deposit slips until the Total matches what you deposited at the bank. This makes it easier to reconcile the total dollar amount to the amount on the bank statement.

10. Save all changes. You have two options.

Record Deposit – Your deposit will be recorded and you will be redirected to the Dashboard page.

Save & Enter Payment – Your deposit will be recorded and you have a shortcut option to go directly to the Deposit Slip page to enter another deposit slip.