How to import synchronized PracticePanther Matters


This tutorial will walk you through the steps to import PracticePanther matters into TrustBooks.


1. Start on the Dashboard Page.

2. Click the Import PracticePanther Matters link under the Matters section. 

Note: TrustBooks synchronizes all PracticePanther transactions once an hour. If you do not see any matters please check back in one hour.

3. Select the box next to the matters you want to import. You can select all matters on this page by clicking the box next to matter. If you have already created the matter in TrustBooks before synchronizing with PracticePanther then see step 5 below on how to merge into an existing matter. 

Note: By default the "Import PracticePanther Matters" screen only shows open matters. To also see closed matters click on the "Show Closed Matters" button.

4. Click the green "Import Selected Matters" button.  

You will be taken to the "View Matter List" page. At the top of the page you will see a message that says "Matters synced!".

5. If you want to merge the Practice Panther matter with an existing TrustBooks matter then you will need to select the matter to merge and then choose from the drop-down list which matter to merge it with.

6. After you have chosen the matter to merge with click on the green "Import Selected Matters" button to perform the merge.