Onboarding your Trust Account in TrustBooks using Clio

Overview: This article will walk you through the steps of onboarding an existing trust account using Clio.

Note: You will need to synchronize TrustBooks with Clio first. Here are the steps Sync with Clio

 Step 1: On the Dashboard page select Complete Trust Account Onboarding

Step 2: This opens the Onboard Existing Trust Accounts Page. Select Step 1 Enter Bank Balance 

Step 3: Choose the existing Trust Account from the drop down menu. Select a Start DateEnter Bank Balance and select Save

Sep 4: After you select Save it will take you back to the Onboarding Existing Trust Accounts Page. You will now move to Step 2. in the onboarding process.

Note: this step is not required but highly recommend. If you do not wish to do Step 2 in the Onboarding window move to Step 3.

Step 5: Import Clio Matters Import Clio Matters in TrustBooks

Step 6: Enter Matter Balances manually to the imported Clio Matters. You will notice every matter that you imported in to TrustBooks will now show up in Step 2 Enter Matter Balances. 

Note: In Clio you can pull starting balances as of a certain date here are the steps How to get client balances in Clio as of a certain date

Step 7: You will then enter in all their Balances as of the start date you chose.

Note: To add more Matters simply select the + MORE MATTERS Button in Green and it will allow you to add as many as you need. 

Step 8. Once you have entered in all your Clients with Matters and Starting Balances our program will automatically calculate that you have properly disbursed the amount of money to the matters. At the top you will see that the difference should be zero if you have no uncleared transactions. 

Step 8: Select Save at the bottom of the page.

Step 9: If you need to account for uncleared transactions your will need to select Save and then move to Step 3

Note: if the client who has an uncleared transaction has a zero balance you will need to enter that in Step 2 Enter Matter Balances. This will allow their name to appear in the drop down list to assign it to the specific uncleared transaction in Step 3 Enter Uncleared Transactions.

Step 10: Select Step 3 Enter Uncleared Transactions to enter all uncleared transactions as of your onboarding date that you chose in Step 1. 

Step 11: Enter in all Uncleared Transactions and select Save. 

Step 12: After selecting Save you will be taken back to the Onboard Existing Trust Accounts section and you can choose the final step, Step 4 Review and Finalize Onboarding. Step 13: The final step is to review your balances. The goal is to have your Adjusted Bank Balance match the Total of your Matter Balances. If  there are any differences, TrustBooks will record the difference to a general account called Onboarding for Iolta Trust Account - Unspecified Matter. This will allow your individual Matter balances to reconcile to your bank balance as of your Start Date. After reviewing select Finalize Onboarding at the bottom right in Green. 

You will now be able to begin recording activity in to TrustBooks after the Start Date you selected.