How to change your import date from CLIO

Overview: This article will walk you through the steps of how to change your Import From Date for CLIO in TrustBooks

Note: You must be synchronized with CLIO. Here are the steps to Synchronize your CLIO with TrustBooks How to Synchronize with CLIO

Step 1. Start on the Dashboard Page and select MISCELLANEOUS and Manage Integrations Step 2. On the MANAGE INTEGRATIONS page select Manage Clio Sync 

Step 3. On the MANAGE CLIO INTEGRATION page select the small blue trashcan next to the TrustBooks Bank Account

Step 4. Select YES, REMOVE from the pop up window

Step 5. This will remove the link and you can now select the Clio Bank Account and the Import From Date 

Step 6. Select Link Accounts