How to edit a transaction in a reconciled period

Overview: This document will walk you through the steps on how to edit a transaction in a reconciled period. 

Step 1: Print out the detailed reconciliation report for the month that the transaction appears in. This will make it readily available to quickly redo the reconciliation after you have made the adjustments to the transaction. How to print a detailed trust reconciliation

Step 2: Delete the reconciliation. How to Delete a Reconciliation

Step 3. Find the transaction that needs to be edited through the Trust Ledger. Click on the balance to open up the Trust Ledger

Step 4. Find the transaction and click on it 

Step 5. Make the adjustments to the transaction and select Update 

Step 6. Use the printed detailed reconciliation to go back and complete the reconciliation that you deleted. This will show the updated transaction that you edited and allow you to complete the Reconciliation and move forward.