How to move a transaction between Matters

Overview: This article will walk you through the steps of moving a transaction from one matter to another. 

Note: If the transaction happened during a month that has already be reconciled you will need to delete the reconciliation first before completing these steps. Here are the steps to delete a reconciliation: How to delete a Reconciliation

Step 1: On the Dashboard Page select the Trust Ledger for the specific bank account that the transaction is in

Step 2: This will open up your Trust Ledger and provide you a list of all transactions by date: Find the transaction that needs to be assigned to a different matter and click on it. 

Step 3: Once the transaction is open. Select the matter it should be applied to in the drop-down list. In this example we will be assigning the deposit from Katherine Stuart to Abigail Turtle.

Step 4: Select Update Deposit 

Step 4: The Trust Ledger will now appear, and you will be able to confirm that the transaction has been assigned to the correct matter.