How to merge together two Matters

Overview: This article will walk you through merging two matters into one correct matter. 

Step 1: On the Dashboard choose Matters and View Matter List. This will open up the View Matters List Page. In this example we will be merging Grace S Godwin Formation of Business  with the correct matter Grace Godwin Business Formation

Step 2: Select the Matter you want to merge with the correct matter by clicking on the name.

Step 3. This will open up the up matter ledger. Click on the transaction under the matter ledger. 

Step 4. On the deposit page. Click on the matter drop down list and apply the deposit to the correct matter. In this example we will apply the deposit to Grace Godwin Business Formation. Step 5. Select UPDATE Deposit 

ep 6. In the right hand corner in the search bar type the name of the matter. This will show you both matters under that specific name. You can confirm that their is no activity listed under the wrong matter and that all the details are merged into the new matter. Step 7: On the Dashboard select Matters and View Matter List. Find the matter that was merged and select Archive. A pop up window will appear to confirm you want to archive this matter. Select OK 

Note: You can only archive a matter with a zero dollar balance 

Sep 8: Now that the matter is archived you can delete the matter. On the View Matter List page scroll to the bottom and select SHOW ARCHIVED MATTERS 
Step 9: All archived matters will show. Select Delete next to the matter you want to remove. Select OK in the pop up window to confirm you want delete this matter.