Creating a New Matter


This tutorial will walk you through the steps to creating a New Matter (or Client) in TrustBooks.  


1. Start on the Dashboard Page, select Matters.

2. On the Matters drop-down menu, click Create Matter.

The Create Matter page is displayed. There are two required fields at the top of this page.

3. Enter Matter Name. This is the description your firm uses to describe the specific case for a client.

For example, if you had a bankruptcy practice, you might describe the matters as Chapter 11, Chapter 7, Consultation, etc.  Not all firms use a matter name. If your firm does not use a matter name, you should enter the client's name in this field.

4. Enter Client Name. This is the name of your client.

If this is a person, you should determine the format your firm will use to input persons. For example, your firm could enter as ‘last name, first name’ or ‘first name last name’ format. TrustBooks allows users to any format when entering a client name.

5. Enter additional contact fields as preferred. These fields are optional. You can enter additional contact information for this client in these fields.

6. Save all changes. You have three options:

Save – information will be saved and you will be redirected to the Dashboard page.

Save & Enter Deposit – information will be saved and you have a shortcut option to go directly to the Enter Deposit Slip page to enter a payment received from the client.

Cancel – the information will not be saved and you will be redirected to the Dashboard page