How to onboard your Firm Operating Account

Overview: This article will walk you through the steps of how to set up your Operating Account in TrustBooks.

1. Start on the Dashboard Page and Select Step 1 Create Accounts 

2. This will open up Create Accounts Page. Enter the name of the Operating Bank Account and the Account Number (required)

Note: For multiple bank accounts select ADD MORE BANK ACCOUNTS 

3. You will have the option to use TrustBooks Chart of Accounts or you can import your own chart of accounts. 

To import your own chart of accounts you can use these steps

4. If you are using TrustBooks chart of accounts select the Accounts you want to use by checking the check box to the left and selecting SAVE

Note: to select all click the check box at the top next to ACCOUNT NUMBER

5. Select Save

6 Your chart of accounts is now set up and you can move to  Step 2 Enter Bank Balances and Enter Starting Balances 

7. Select Enter Bank Balances from Step 2. This will open up the Enter Bank Balance Page. Select your Start Date and enter your Operating Bank account balance. Select Save 

8. Under Step 2 Select Enter Starting Balances. Enter your balance for each item. 

9. Select Save

10. Go to Step 3 and select Enter Uncleared Transactions

11. Enter any uncleared transactions as of your start date and select SAVE 

12. Under Step 4 select Review and Finalize Onboarding. 

13. Confirm everything has been entered in correctly and select Finalize Onboarding.

14. Congrats you have completed your onboarding for your firms Operating Account!