How to Import your Chart of Accounts during Onboarding

Overview: This article will walk you through the steps to import your Chart of Accounts in to TrustBooks.

1. Start on the Dashboard Page and Select Step 1 Create Accounts under Setup Frim Accounts 

2. This will open up the CREATE ACCOUNTS Page. Enter the Account Name and the Account Number (required)

3. Choose Import Chart of Accounts and select SAVE4. This will open the Start Import Data Steps page. Choose the file you want to import and select NEXT 

5. This will open the Map The Data Page. Match the columns from the spreadsheet you have imported with the corresponding fields in TrustBooks

5. Select Next 6. Assign the Account Category with the fields you have imported in. Check the check box on the left of the items you want to import.

Note: The drop down includes Asset, Asset Banking, Liability, Equity, Revenue, and  Expense.

7. Select Import Data 

Congratulations you have now Imported your Chart of Accounts