Transferring Funds between Matters


This tutorial will walk you through the steps to transfer funds from one matter to another in TrustBooks.

Note: Keep in mind that fund transfers between matters does not move any money in the bank account, you're just moving money from one matter to the next matter.


1. Start on the Dashboard Page.

2. Under the Deposit section, select Transfer.

3. Put in a description.

Example: "Move funds to different matter."

4. Input the amount.

5. Select the matter you want to get the money from.

6. Then select the matter you want to transfer the money to.

7. Don't forget to edit the date of your transfer.

8. Click Record Transfer.

Now the transfer is complete, you can check if the transaction was properly recorded using the steps below.

a. Go back to the Dashboard, then search the Matter Name you entered in the Transfer From field.

b. Select the Matter Name.

c. The Matter Information Page will be displayed. You can see the transaction below.

Note: The transfers will show as a payment to one account and a deposit to the other. You will need to make a note of this so you can check these as cleared transactions when you do your reconciliation.